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The board of directors of the Turtle Bay Association is representative of a diverse cross-section of the community. Among this dedicated group of volunteers are executives, business owners, managers, writers, computer programmers, lawyers, accountants, secretaries and retirees. Together they bring a wide range of experience to the organization.

Board meetings are held the first (non-holiday) Monday of each month, except August, in the conference room of the Vanderbilt YMCA, 224 East 47th Street. Although board meetings are not open to the public, any TBA member may briefly address the board prior to the beginning of its regular business. When appropriate, special presentations may be included on the agenda.

Members may also contact the TBA office at 212-751-5465 or write a letter of concern to the President. These can be sent via regular mail to 224 East 47th Street, New York, NY 10017; faxed to 212-751-4941 or emailed to us at

A general membership meeting is held each November to elect the slate of officers provided by the nominating committee and to present a review of the year’s activities as well as a financial report.

Board of Directors

President: William E. Curtis
Vice Presidents: Millie Margiotta, Dolores Marsh, Bruce Silberblatt
Treasurer: Richard Irwin
Secretary: Mary F. Marangi
Directors: Ethel Bendove, Bunny Blei, Meryl Brodsky, Orin Buck, Paul Crawford, William E. Curtis, Lee Frankel, Phyllis Gitomer, Vivian Gordon, Denise Hamilton, Marie-Louise Handal, Bill Huxley, Dick Irwin, Mary F. Marangi, Millie Margiotta, Mark P. Markowski, Dolores Marsh, Pat McDougald, Michael Resnick, Bruce Silberblatt
Ex Officio:
U.S. Representative Carolyn B. Maloney
NY State Senator Liz Krueger
Assemblyman Dan Quart
Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer
New York City Councilmember Keith Powers
New York City Councilmember Ben Kallos
Jonathan Bing
Barbara Connolly