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Coalition Formed to Stop
Trump World Tower

By Bruce A. Silberblatt

The Turtle Bay Association has taken the lead in forging the borough-wide Coalition for Responsible Development to stop the 90-story Trump World Tower megalith from being built and to bring to a citywide end, once and for all, the pernicious practice of air rights transfers via zoning lot mergers.

The Coalition includes our neighbors, the newly formed Beekman Hill Association, the long established Beekman Place Neighborhood Association, Sutton Area Community (SAC), and the Tudor City Association. Also supporting our cause are the East Side Rezoning Alliance, Civitas, Manhattan Neighborhood Council, and the Municipal Arts Society.

Important bipartisan political support has been mobilized, and Community Boards 6 and 8 passed resolutions condemning the Trump project. The Coalition has galvanized a broad spectrum of aroused New Yorkers who realize we must stand united to protect the character and quality of our neighborhoods.

The Coalition for Responsible Development is neither against Trump nor development. What it is against is a structure that violates the spirit (and letter) of NYC zoning, overtaxes the infrastructure, damages the local environment, and trashes the 1947 commitment made by the City of New York to the United Nations that no building in the vicinity would ever overtop the Secretariat.


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