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Crime Prevention
Night Out Against Crime
By Patricia Q. McDougald

MascotsMaking learning a pleasurable, educational experience is a neat trick. That's just what the 17th Precinct has been doing with its annual Night Out Against Crime.

They made no exception to their success on August 4, teaching us how to recognize and protect ourselves against criminal elements. And the men and women of the 17th Precinct demonstrated their own methods of combating crime.

Mayor Giuliani was so eager to be there, he arrived ahead of schedule to the site at Hammarskjold Plaza. Actually, because of simultaneous celebrations of this event in so many communities citywide, the Mayor had the problem of trying to be everywhere at once. Apologies to those who missed him.

The "Night Out" is an occasion designed for the whole family, with something for all ages: demonstrations of police equipment and the great value of the crime-fighting police dogs; displays of guns, drugs (and how to identify them).

The kiddies certainly enjoyed the games, rides, and "fun houses."
Freebies were abundant, including T-shirts, foam rubber balls, frisbees and hats, all with "Night Out Against Crime" emblazoned on them.

Especially pleasing was the wonderful big-band sound of Larry Gillespie and his 17-piece orchestra, and the truly worthy vocalizing of Francine Connor. It was like the 1940s and 1950s revisited-all one could do just to sit still and listen.

How could there be crime when we're surrounded by such good stuff?


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