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Cronkite Letter Results in 300 New Members
By Bill Huxley

In a record response to our latest mailing to recruit new members, TBA received over 300 applications, bringing total membership to more than fifteen hundred households, the most in our 42-year history. The enthusiastic response can be attributed to the appeal letter from Walter Cronkite, who generously agreed to be our honorary membership chairman.

Late last year, we mailed the Cronkite letter with an application form to residents and businesses between 43rd and 53rd Streets from Lexington Avenue to the East River. Of the 300 plus responses, 15 were businesses and 14 were generous neighbors who joined at the benefactor level ($100). About forty percent of our new members are individuals. Families and seniors each make up about thirty percent.

The direct-mail campaign proved cost-effective, too. While expenses amounted to about $5000, we generated nearly $9000 in revenue from new-member dues, netting TBA approximately $4000.

The real payoff in increasing our numbers comes with the collective strength we wield in representing the needs and concerns of our community to elected officials and city agencies. The result is an attractive neighborhood that makes Turtle Bay a wonderful place to live and do business. Still, with some 16,000 prospective members still standing on the sidelines, we're not about to rest on our laurels. You can help by spreading the word. Get ALL of your neighbors to join Turtle Bay Association.


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