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New to the Neighborhood

50th Street has become a "family affair" with the advent at Number 242 of the new boutique called "Ulla Darni of New York." The shop was opened six months ago by Toni Ann DeGrezia. Across the street at Number 231 is the well-known restaurant, DeGrezia, owned and operated by Toni Ann's husband Tom since 1987.

Ulla Darni, who had studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in her native Denmark, originally came to America to pursue an acting and singing career but found her niche instead in a world of vibrant color. Her specialty is reverse painting on glass. The new shop on 50th Street features a profusion of lamps and chandeliers offset by intricate ironwork. One of Darni's creations, a spectacular painted glass ceiling illuminates one room of the shop.

Ed Malakoff, owner of the Pairpont Museum, calls her "The Tiffany of Tomorrow." A frequent award winner, she has been honored by the Salmagundi Club and the Pen & Brush Club. Her lamps and signature, along with her fingerprint, are registered with the Library of Congress, and her work is found in museums and galleries throughout the world.

To explain the magic behind her masterpieces Ms. Darni says "When I sit at my table in front of a blank shade or my lighted easel with a chandelier, all thoughts leave me. With no sense of time or place I just begin to paint. Often I am the one most surprised when I see the finished glass."

s for Toni Ann DeGrezia, she is enjoying running her shop after years at home bringing up three children. "That was work," she says, "- This is fun!"


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