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Supporting Area Businesses - Think Turtle Bay

The interaction of the country's unpredictable economy and the after-effects of 9/11 are causing many of our neighborhood businesses, particularly those along parts of First Avenue, to struggle to make ends meet. This is due partially to the U.N. "blockade," which has not permitted crosstown buses to go beyond Second Avenue, thus rendering many First Avenue businesses more difficult to reach. Additionally, because the U.N. is not now the tourist destination it normally is, there is simply less general traffic through our neighborhood.

This time of year usually finds us out and about shopping for gifts and winter/party clothing. Friends get together more often to celebrate the season. However, this fall's events and the state of the economy make a lot of us feel a bit less like celebrating, and a bit more cautious about spending. These are decisions we must each arrive at for ourselves, based on our own circumstances.

As we reflect on what we've been through these past months, our gratitude for what we have - in spite of everything - and look forward to a better year to come, please remember the businesses that help make Turtle Bay the charming, varied, fun, delicious place that it is. Whatever your needs - business services, Christmas cards, the makings of a dinner party, a bottle of champagne, the perfect gift, film to capture holiday events, flowers, a special dress, a great meal - one of the TBA business members can help you meet your needs. They're waiting to do so, hoping you will come see them. When you have a choice, please think Turtle Bay. If we all pull together, we can all pull through. - by Pauline Evans, TBA Business Members Committee Chair


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