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Mohonk Mountain

On Sunday morning, October 28, a group of 30 TBA members boarded a Campus Coach bus for the trip to Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, NY. Along the route, the group was able to enjoy the last vestiges of the warm, earthy colors of the fall foliage.Approximately two hours later we arrived at our destination. French Huguenots, exiled from France by the Roman Catholic King Louis XIV during the Protestant Reformation of the late 1660

's, first fled to wherever they could in Europe. Eventually 12 families from Die Pfalz, an area along the Rhine River in Germany, found their way to what were then the Dutch colonies in the Hudson Valley and New Paltz was thus founded. Huguenot Street, a National Historic District, is the site of six original stone houses and a reconstructed 1717 French church, for which there are guided tours.

We next went to Mohonk Mountain House for lunch. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the resort sits beside a lovely mountain lake in the Shawangunk Mountains. Construction began on this beautiful castle-like resort in the late 1870's. It has a total of 261 rooms, conference areas and beautiful gardens. The dining room, where a delicious buffet was served, provided a spectacular view down into the valley and towards Catskill Mountains.

After lunch the group went on Woodbury Commons, the discount shopping facility which is not designed as a conventional closed mall, but has shops arranged more to resemble a little village. Many in the group said they made a number of great purchases.

As darkness set in about 5 P.M. (this being the day we set our watches back to standard time), we headed back to Manhattan. All agreed it had been a fabulous trip.


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