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The Passing of Katharine Hepburn
By Sue Diamond

With great sadness we note the passing of our beloved friend and neighbor, Katharine Hepburn, about a month after the celebration of her 96th birthday. Regarding memorial services, she once snapped, "Don't ever have one of those for me," according to Kate Remembered, by A. Scott Berg.

Despite this, every major magazine and newspaper printed many tributes to her, praising her unique talent and spunk. Turtle Bay's makeshift memorial at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza and the Katharine Hepburn Garden were mentioned numerous times, too, since she maintained a home here for more than 50 years. A recent walking tour, Adventure On A Shoestring - Salute to Katharine Hepburn, not only featured our neighborhood and her house, but also praised the Turtle Bay Association.

Officially, a brother, a sister, four nephews and six nieces survive Kate. In fact, all her fans are here to perpetuate her unique style and to tell the next generation about her.


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