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Second Avenue Tree Bed Enlargement Scheduled
By Bill Huxley

The New York City Parks Department will be planting seven new trees on Second Avenue this fall, most of them between 50th and 52nd Streets. They will replace the ones that died during the severe summer drought of 2002.

There will also be a very new look in and around the tree-bed area for these seven new trees. Gone will be the cobblestone borders that have walled in these little gardens for the past decade. Instead, the Parks Department has offered to enlarge the beds by cutting away additional concrete from the perimeters. This procedure is very good for the health of newly-planted street trees, and greatly increases their chances of survival.

In addition, Parks will be installing a different kind of treatment for these newly enlarged beds. The new treatment will feature Belgian blocks set in sand, flush with the sidewalk. Besides being attractive, this design allows rainwater to flow from the sidewalk into the tree beds; and as a plus, they are easy to keep clean. If you would like to see an example of this new treatment (installed last April), go to the first tree at the southeast corner of Second Avenue and East 49th Street.


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