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Fireworks: Festive Display
or Genuine Nuisance?
By Gini Otway

The evening's calm is suddenly shattered by the sound of an explosion. After some investigation you find that the blast was not a gas leak, nor was there a shootout. It was fireworks, a glittering display on the East River.

Walt McGovern
Those unexpected fireworks on the river can be unsettling

According to a letter from NYC Fire Department to Councilman Gifford Miller, "Most of the displays have been fired from the southern tip of Roosevelt Island. The audience has been on a pleasure craft on the East River." Based on the number of permits, there were 16 "legal" displays on the East River between April and September.

For East Side residents with a view of the river, this is fine. They see the fireworks and know what is going on. For others, this is not so fine. Children are usually in bed by 9 PM, and even if you aren't enjoying a peaceful slumber at that hour, you may not appreciate the sound of "bombs bursting in air." Youngsters, animals, and the elderly are frequently frightened by the noise. For people who have survived actual bombings, the blasts unleash nightmarish memories. As for the smell of explosives, I know few who appreciate that, except lifetime members of the NRA.

Councilman Gifford Miller has received complaints about the increasing number of fireworks displays, and he is considering what action to take. He needs our input.

Please send your letters to the editor of Turtle Bay Newsletter expressing either your appreciation for or annoyance with the fireworks. TBA will send them to our city council members, and our board of directors will monitor the situation to evaluate how it's affecting quality of life here in Turtle Bay.


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