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Flower Power for Second Avenue
and Fall Pruning
By Bill Huxley

Director, TBA Tree Program

FlowerSeven hundred flower bulbs planted this fall in 32 tree beds from 43rd to 53rd Streets will burst into bloom next spring, delivering abundant good cheer to the sidewalks of Turtle Bay. We will be planting the Dutch Master variety of daffodil, known for its bright yellow, trumpet-shaped flowers borne on regal 18-inch stems, which defy March's blustery winds. Both daffodils and tulips will be planted in the cobblestone-bordered tree beds that TBA constructed in 1997-1998 as part of our beautification of Second Avenue program.

In addition to our tree-bed beautification, we will be pruning broken branches and other dead wood from many larger trees. TBA's tree program volunteers are already trimming branches that can be reached from the sidewalk. Armed with pruning shears and pole saws, the intrepid "citizen pruners" do their work on Saturday and Sunday mornings. They are authorized by the Parks Department to remove "diseased, dead, and damaged branches" and "low branches that obstruct pedestrian passage." They also remove the stakes and guy wires from trees that have been in place for at least one year.

Our professional pruner, Bob Redman, takes care of problem branches higher than 12 feet above ground. Working with an assistant on the ground, Bob saws off dead and broken branches, ties them to a length of sturdy rope, and lowers them carefully to the sidewalk. His assistant cuts them into manageable lengths, loads them into a truck, and sweeps up the debris before moving on to the next tree.

If you notice trees on your block that could benefit from this kind of corrective pruning, please contact the TBA office. We'll come have a look.


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