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We're Getting Safer
By Rita Rowan

The occurrence of crime in our neighborhood was considerably reduced in 2001, thanks to the excellent detectives and officers of the 17th Precinct. The dramatic reduction was achieved under the direction of Captain Kevin Ward, who has recently been reassigned. His replacement is Captain Michael McEnroy.

Detective Frank Bogucki, our Community Affairs Officer, has a new team member as well. Officer James Meury has replaced Detective Jimmy Kelly, who retired at the end of last year. Detective Deborah Winski completes the team.

Before leaving, Captain Ward gave a very favorable report on the incidence of serious crime in our neighborhood. In 2001, the overall crime rate was down by 7.7%. In fact, all crime categories were down significantly, with the exception of felony assault.

Incidents representing the FBI's seven most serious crimes were down 13.4%; a 63.1% decline in the nine years since the 17th Precinct began keeping such statistics. Quality-of-life enforcement increased, with a rise of 78% in arrests over the previous year and the issuance of 245 summonses in just the single category of reckless bicycle deliveries. This is in contrast to just 45 the previous year. Our precinct continues to monitor other problem areas, such as peddlers, homelessness and illegally parked delivery trucks. All in all, this is a commendable record. Thanks, 17th!


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