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Turtle Bay Association's 2002 Street Fair
By Mary Baxter

A friend of mine, who lived in New York for many years, told me that she recently attended a "crafts fair" at a Chicago suburb near where she now lives. It was held outdoors and she had to pay a $5 admission fee! She had two thoughts about that: Although the event was called a crafts fair, it looked in most ways remarkably like the garden variety New York street fair. And why would they charge you admission to enter, if the idea was that you might buy their wares? No self-respecting street fair here would think of doing such a thing!

So, as it has done for many a Memorial Day weekend, the Turtle Bay Association held its annual, (admission-free) Street Fair on Second Avenue, between 43rd and 53rd Streets. Not only were there crafts, but also plenty of other things to buy, lots of great things to eat and wonderful prizes that were raffled off. We never know at the end of May whether we'll be having late winter or early summer, but this year it was true May - mild and mostly sunny - which was a great inducement to be outdoors at least one day of the long holiday weekend.

The street fair is TBA's primary fund-raising event each year, and its success is critical to the Association's ability to work for the betterment of the neighborhood all year long. TBA thanks all who came by. We are especially grateful to the many neighborhood businesses listed at right who donated prizes.


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