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Turtle Bay Volunteers' Party
By Terri Heveran

The Turtle Bay Association's tradition of honoring its volunteers with an annual dinner party goes back many years and the tradition was alive and well this year. The April 22 setting was Alonzo's Restaurant on East 45th Street. Recently, there had been some question as to whether Alonzo's would have to leave its current location to make way for a contemplated homeless drop-in center. Thus, Don Alonzo was especially happy to welcome us to his establishment, still located where it's been since he moved his restaurant to Turtle Bay from the west side in 1997.

The TBA Board of Directors saw to all the details, which included an open bar, delicious hors d'oeuvres, a lavish buffet of entrees that included grilled Chilean salmon, chicken Marsala and pasta with seafood, and a selection of scrumptious desserts such as chocolate mousse cake and Italian cheesecake.

The true "honored guests" were our non-TBA Board member volunteers (see box below for those who were able to attend). TBA President Bill Curtis thanked the group, saying, "In this year of budget shortfalls, a less than stellar economy and the process of all pulling together to help each other recover from the 9/11 tragedy, volunteerism is more important than ever. We appreciate the work our volunteers do all year long, but we take this opportunity once a year to make sure they know how much we value their time and effort." He went on to mention that there would be much to do in the coming year, citing a number of pending construction projects in Turtle Bay as an example.Other guests included George Velonikas, the architect who designed Dag Hammarskjold Park and Jay Litwin, President of the 17th Community Council. Captain Michael J. McEnroy, the new captain of the 17th Police Precinct, was introduced and was accompanied by Detective Frank Bogucki, Lt. Robin Birnbaum, and Detective Debbie Winski. The Sanitation Department was represented by supervisors Richie Doyle and Bob Casanovas.

We were also very pleased to have former City Parks Commissioner Henry Stern and representatives from the offices of Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, State Senator Liz Krueger, Assemblyman John Ravitz, and City Council Member Eva Moskowitz join us.

Turtle Bay Volunteers
  • Freda Abramowitz
  • Maryanne Kaufman
  • Mary Beierle
  • Jerry Marks
  • Bunny Blei
  • Marian Mathias
  • Claire Brabec
  • Walt McGovern
  • Meryl Brodsky
  • Nina Mont
  • Toni Carlena
  • Lily Morris
  • Danielle Deverin
  • Mira Norian
  • Thelma Effron
  • Rose Pistone
  • Jan Friedman
  • Marion Ragsdale
  • Roz Gilbert
  • Rita Rowan
  • Vivian Gordon
  • Nadine Schramm
  • Leslie Haberman
  • Morris Tarragano
  • Terri Heveran
  • Marty Wolf
  • Don Heisel
  • Felicia Yesari
  • Olga Hoffmann
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