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The Turtle Bay Tree Fund: A Very Good Neighbor
By Bill Huxley

Most regular readers of this newsletter are probably aware that the Turtle Bay Association (TBA) maintains the trees and tree beds along Second Avenue in the 40's and low 50's. Numerous articles have been written about the bulbs and begonias that the TBA plants each year, and the cobblestone borders the Association tries to keep in good repair. But who takes care of the trees and tree beds on the cross streets? The Turtle Bay Tree Fund does.

Founded in 1965, the group is funded by private contributions, mostly from people who live on the maintained blocks, which include 48th through 51st Streets east of Third Avenue, to Beekman Place. Their landscapers plant bulbs, ivy and spring flowers, and make repairs to the enclosures in the 240 tree beds that make up the Tree Fund area.

The Doe Fund also plays a big part in keeping the tree beds clean and green. Twice a week its workers remove the accumulated litter, and once a week they water all beds from their 500-gallon watering truck. Next time you are walking on one of the Turtle Bay Tree Fund's neighborhood cross streets, notice the great variety of plantings in those tree beds. Also notice that most of the tree-bed borders are made of wrought iron hoops rather than cobblestones.

If you would like more information about the Turtle Bay Tree Fund, please write to 208 East 51st Street, #238, New York, NY 10022.


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