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17th Precinct Community Council News

Report on March 25, 2003 Meeting
The recent war protests and fears of counter-terrorism were noted. Personal protection plans and methods were discussed, such as wearing a protective hood for a chemical or bio-attack. Efforts have begun to raise $200,000 for a Mobile Command Center. In April, the TBA approved a contribution of $1,000 to the 17th Precinct towards a mobile command center bus for our area.

To become a sponsor of the 17th Precinct Community Council Anti-Terrorism Mobile Command Centers, mail your tax-deductible donation to the 17th Precinct Community Council, 167 E. 51st St., NY, NY 10022; or call (212) 826-3228.

Report on April 29, 2003 Town Hall Meeting
Honored guest Speaker Gifford Miller began by praising Turtle Bay. Regarding New York City, however, he is very dismayed about the serious fiscal crisis. According to Speaker Miller, NYC has subsidized the national defense effort since 9/11. Promises made by the federal government to help us financially have not materialized. The situation is not much better on the state level either.

Therefore, the New York City Council has created a "Fair Share Campaign" to get funds from Washington, D.C., Albany and even other states. Gifford Miller requests that we log on to the website for more information and help.

Report on May 27, 2003 Meeting
The topic of bicycle safety and enforcement was presented and discussed. Safety flyers, in English, Spanish and Chinese, are being distributed to neighborhood businesses who use delivery people on bikes. Summonses have been issued to 12 establishments whose bicycles are being ridden on the sidewalk.

It was also reported that overall crime is down in our area. Lt. Thomas McMorrow and Police Officer Shannon Easton were both selected as Cop of the Month.

Update from the 17th Precinct on the bars in Turtle Bay
Drinks per evening have risen from 2-3 to 7-8. Police may issue a summons for amplified sound from open windows, but noise from loud people in the street is not an offense.

There is concern that the new nonsmoking law will bring more noisy people out on to the sidewalk. A letter will be sent to the bar owners asking them to close their windows at 10:00 p.m. weekdays and 11:00 p.m. weekends.

Also, in order to free up the 911 switchboards, the mayor's office has approved 311 as the number to dial for quality-of-life issues. You will be connected with the correct City agency to take your complaints.


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