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From the past…. Captain Joe Lisi, former Commanding Officer of the 17th Precinct during the 1990's, is now appearing in Broadway's Take Me Out. Joe was injured and retired from the NYPD after 24 years of service, and went into acting. He has appeared in commercials and movies, and on TV. Take Me Out is his first appearance on Broadway. Nice going, Joe!

The New York AVON WALK for BREAST CANCER is September 20-21, 2003. For information on how to support this worthy event now, e-mail Marisa Finger of Turtle Bay at or call (212) 867-7057.

As part of Saint Peter's Church visual arts program to enhance the human spirit, a sculpture installation plus works on paper by Helga von Eicken Kopperi will be exhibited in the church's Stairwell and Narthex Gallery, May 3 - June 22. Catherine Wagner Minnery's drawing collection will be displayed in its Living Room Gallery from May 2 - June 11. Call (212) 935-2200 for more details.

Fan Mail from Mary Ann Silchenstedt, 2/28/03: Dear Turtle Bay Assn., This is to thank you for an evening of fun and joy at the "Love Your Neighbor" party. We were a group of six from the Senior Center at St. Peter's Church. How we laughed, ate, drank, and danced!! The music was contagious, the drinks were honest, the food was delicious, and we were delirious. It was an evening to remember. We M Turtle Bay!!!

Our warm thoughts are with those whose loved ones have served in Iraq helping the U.S. bring democracy to that country and end the regime of terror.


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