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A Park Under Seige Update: Making Common Cause
By Bruce A. Silberblatt

The Turtle Bay Association is uniting with the East Midtown Coalition for Sensible Development (EMCSD) in the fight to prevent the United Nations from preempting the western half of Robert Moses Park without first providing an equivalent space before putting a shovel into the ground. EMCSD was created a few years ago to challenge the proposed construction on the Con Edison Waterside site of a massive 5,500,000 square-foot residential and commercial development; it is a broad alliance of East Side community groups from 34th to 59th Street, including the Turtle Bay Association. The logical substitute for Moses Park is the now vacant 685 First Avenue Con Edison property, within the Waterside complex, and that, combined with the need to present a unified and broad-based opposition to those promoting the UN takeover, dictates the need to join forces.

A special United Nations Neighborhood committee within EMCSD, in which our Association will play an important role, will conduct the Robert Moses Park effort. The Turtle Bay Association, EMCSD, the United Nations Neighborhood Committee, our local elected officials (all of whom support us) - indeed, all our neighbors - must remain alert and ready at any moment to take up the cudgels in defense of Moses Park since the City and the UN appear to be covertly maneuvering the giveaway of the park as a fait accompli.

(Editor's note: Background information on the subject is in TBA's March newsletter.)


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