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Celebrating 45 Years!
Annual Members Meeting

By Marie-Louise Handal

At the meeting at Grey Advertising on Nov. 12, 2002, Bill Curtis presented a history of the TBA, which was originally called the E. 49th St. Block Association. Over the years, the TBA has had its share of challenges and successes. For example, although we initially lost out to the area heliport, it was eventually discontinued. Two recent victories were (1) preventing a homeless shelter from locating near the International Pre-School, in a joint effort with 45th Street, led by Laurie Marshall, and TBA, and (2) the expansion and refurbishing of Dag Hammarskjold Park.

Barbara Connolly led the Nominating Committee for the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee. Speaker Gifford Miller was on hand to give the TBA a Proclamation from the City Council. Also present were newly elected New York State Assemblyman Jonathan Bing and 17th Precinct Commanding Officer Michael McEnroy who led a session on public safety.

Francine Mohink gave the Treasurer's report and Marie-Louise Handal spoke for the Parks Committee. Further reports included VP Bruce Silberblatt, Zoning/Land Use; Pat McDougald, Grants; and Bill Huxley, Turtle Bay Tree Fund. Other committees accounted for included Special Events and Friends of Dag Hammarskjold Park.

TBA continues to be persistent and positive in all matters, particularly in the outlook for Robert Moses Park.


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