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Love Thy Neighbor? I Don't Even Know Him!

Could that be your line? With each passing year it seems to become easier to lose that "neighborhood feeling" in our city; harder to make the human connections that allow us to tolerate and navigate the more difficult and trying aspects of being a New Yorker. A disaster like 9/11 can bring us much closer together, but when life returns to normal other priorities in our busy lives can easily take precedence over community involvement. Luckily, the Turtle Bay Association has an idea to help you maintain the good feeling that comes from being part of a real neighborhood whose residents look after each other year round and provide special support when times are tough.

On February 11 we held our 18th Annual "Love Thy Neighborhood Valentine's Party." at San Martin restaurant, located at 143 East 49th Street. Delicious Spanish specialty dishes, balloons and strolling mariachis were plentiful in the cozy downstairs portion of this midtown favorite.
TBA's only true "social" event, it came into being almost two decades ago for two reasons. One was simply a way to help Turtle Bay residents become better acquainted with each other through sharing a good meal in a comfortable setting. But more importantly, it was hoped that neighbors would also exchange information and views about events, problems, needs and plans for the neighborhood for the coming year. Once they became more aware of, and encouraged by, their mutual interests and problems, they would see the benefits of working with each other and with the TBA to solve the problems and maintain the high quality of living enjoyed in Turtle Bay. Local elected officials, as well as police, fire and sanitation department representatives also come stop by the event. Just the name behind the party - Love Thy Neighborhood - can start people thinking about where they might like to lend a hand, or where they might go to ask for help when they need it.

However, don't think you have to wait until Valentine's Day 2003 to join in the fun. TBA can't wait that long: It looks out for our interests 365 days a year, and has done so for the past 45 years. Your talents might be in zoning, parks, photography, the environment, event planning or any one of a host of other areas. Wherever they lie, rest assured TBA can put them to good use. Give us a call and become a part of history. Your neighborhood will love you for it!


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