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In Spite of - or Perhaps Because of - a Tough Fall, Holiday Gift Giving is Up

For the 15th year, the Turtle Bay Association participated in the Toy/Gift Drive for the Volunteer Services for Children. As usual, an unwrapped gift or financial contribution was the admission ticket to the holiday party TBA in conjunction with the Drive. In addition to the gifts, donations could also be made to the Engine 8 Ladder 2 Association, the Salvation Army and the Single Parents Resource Center. Approximately 1000 toys were collected, and cash donations of $1200 were received.

Most of us think of gift giving in conjunction with the holidays. But some people make it their "project" all year long (after all, the kids certainly think about toys every single day!) Nikki Parke, for example, begins collecting toys for the next year as soon as her current contribution has been turned in. This year she alone provided several dozen toys to our drive! TBA and the groups listed above thank all who participated for their generosity.


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