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Wanted: Block Captains

A Block Captain program would facilitate every block having direct input to TBA, as well as giving the association a simple method for emergency communications with members. Last September 8th an emergency protest to be held at Community Board 6 was scheduled at the proverbial last minute. Had the Block Captain system been in place, we would have been able to muster more troops on short notice.

Block captains would help get people out to emergency meetings, watch their blocks and report changes for good or ill, and encourage new (or longtime!) neighbors to join TBA. The newsletter staff could keep the membership up to date on a block-by-block basis in items such as "Of Note" (see p. 4).

The full benefits of organizing ourselves this way continue to be explored. On blocks where there are large apartment buildings, building captains would be needed. Anyone who would be interested in joining such an effort is strongly encouraged to get in touch with the Turtle Bay Office: telephone, 212- 751-5465; fax, 212-751-4941; email,


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