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Two Police Alerts From the 17th Precinct

Male and/or female perpetrators working alone or in pairs are posing as utility workers or plumbers to enter the homes of the elderly. Once in the apartment, the perpetrators distract their victims in order to steal money and/or property. The villains may be dressed in uniforms or display fake shields. They may work alone or in pairs. Contact Detective Jim Kelly at the 17th Precinct, 212-826-3224.

A growing number of retailers have been victimized by one or more persons impersonating carting company employees. They have demanded cash for locks and chains to secure waste containers and/or dumpsters. Do not give any money to individuals selling locks and chains for dumpsters or containers. It is a scam. If you have any information about this matter you are urged to call the Trade Waste Commission at 212-676-6275 or the Special Frauds Squad of the New York City Police Department at 212-374-6850 or 800-577-TIPS (24 hours).


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