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I got some sad news recently. My neighbors across the street are selling their house. I had lived here for almost three years before I met them. I've only known them for one. In that one year I've come to consider them good friends and will sorely miss having them just across the street.

It seems such a waste that I spent so much of my time on this block without knowing them. They will be moving to an apartment in the neighborhood, but it just won't be the same as having them on the block.

My neighbor said "Nothing lasts forever." Too true. I keep asking myself what I could have done to make this relationship happen sooner. What a missed opportunity! New York is hardly the kind of place that has "Welcome Wagons" like they have in the Midwest.

Nevertheless, Community is SO important, wherever you live. It's critical for being, as Frank Sinatra sang, "a part of it." It's obligatory for safety - just ask the 17th Precinct. It's essential for that warm, cozy feeling you get when you can actually identify and say hello to someone on the street.

What could I have done? Ring doorbells and say "Hi, I'm your neighbor, and I live across the street" (or across the hall, or two doors down, or whatever)? Highly unlikely. New Yorkers just don't do that sort of thing. I would have needed an excuse. Like maybe "sorry to disturb you but I think your house is on fire." But how often does that happen?

Listen up, Turtle Bayers! This is your chance. This could be your reason for ringing that doorbell and not missing that opportunity.

As reported in the last newsletter, Turtle Bay is starting a Block Captain program that would give every block direct input to the Turtle Bay Association and give TBA direct access to every block in the neighborhood.

Best of all it will give neighbors an introduction to each other.

In order to implement this program, however, we need volunteers to be building captains and block captains. What a great opportunity! Won't you help?

If you will, PLEASE get in touch with the Turtle Bay Office: telephone 751-5465: fax, 751-4941; email,


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