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Block Captain Perry Luntz reports two changes on his 48th Street block between Third and Lexington: the old Lexington Hotel is now a Radisson and the block now sports a new Greek restaurant: Avra. The New York Times gave Avra one star, but Perry says it deserves more.

La Mangeoire, the restaurant at 1008 Second Avenue between 53rd and 54th Streets, has been supported by Community Board 6 in its application for an unenclosed sidewalk café for a period of one year. The original application was for 15 tables and 30 seats, but in response to concerns expressed by the community the restaurant scaled down its application to five tables and 10 seats.

The Fred Astaire Dance Studios at 303 East 43rd Street are offering a free introductory course to TBA members. It will include a half-hour group lesson (class of about 12 people), a half-hour private lesson, and one party. The parties are held on Friday nights and last two hours. Call Andres Santiago, 697-6535, for more information. Offer good until June 1.

The Census Bureau is sending out its troops to round up those non-respondents. Please cooperate with the "enumerators" who come around to count you. New York City always gets short-changed for federal funds at census time because so many of our residents go uncounted. This year we stand the chance to lose a Congressional representative or two. If you want our city to be under-represented as well as under-funded, just don't open your doors to the census-takers.


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