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Networking Works
By Rennie C. Weber

Too often shopkeepers and restaurateurs get so caught up in looking after their own businesses, they neglect to reach out to their neighbors who may share the same concerns and face similar challenges. So at the April 19th meeting of Turtle Bay Business Associates (TBBA) instead of featuring an invited speaker, the focus was on members connecting with each other and sharing information.

Meanwhile, Turtle Bay Newsletter took the opportunity to reach out to business owners and find out how they felt TBBA was important and how they benefited from the meetings.

Artie DelNegro, owner of the popular Turtle Bay Grill and Lounge and host of the meeting, pointed out that interaction between owners would help insure that the area continues to be a place where business thrives.

Charles G. Ruvolo of Metro Copy and Duplicating, acknowledged the benefit of connecting with the community through TBBA: "I like to build relations with current owners to expand my networking and knowledge of what's happening in the community. This is a great way to do it."

Tina Theodorou, owner of Ekavi, the elegant dress shop at 866 Second Avenue, commented, "I like what the Association has done to keep the area clean and attractive. I want to do my share as a merchant to make sure this continues. I want Turtle Bay to be a place people like to visit because of its attractive residences, shops and restaurants."

Pauline Evans, a realtor with Brown Harris Stevens, nodded affirmatively. "I believe in supporting the community where I do business."

Gerald Purcell, who operated the former Paparazzi restaurant in Turtle Bay for some thirty years and continues as president of Gerald Purcell Industries, stated, "It's a worthwhile endeavor...We can't be complacent. We've got to keep this community clean, attractive, modern and aware."

So what are you waiting for? If you're doing business in Turtle Bay, why not join this highly motivated group of TBA members at their next meeting at the Turtle Bay Grill and Lounge on Second Avenue? Call the TBA office to find out more.

Five Benefits of Joining Turtle Bay Business Associates

1. Clout: present a united voice to NYC agencies to optimize city services
2. Collective bargaining power: cut costs, get better deals
3. Networking opportunities: make connections, build relationships in the community
4. Information exchange: be in the know; information is power
5. Community service: find out how your business can be a good neighbor.


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