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Forty-Five Years — and Counting
By Nancy Harris

Robert Frost wrote, "good fences make good neighbors." Most New Yorkers would probably agree because they value their privacy. But most New Yorkers also like to party and to meet and greet their neighbors in a festive environment. Since the Turtle Bay Association is all about community and being good neighbors, we thought the occasion of our 45th anniversary provided the perfect opportunity to bring neighbors together for a well-deserved celebration of community service.

Thus, in the early evening on Sunday, October 6, all TBA members were invited to the Crowne Plaza Hotel to partake of good food and good fun in commemoration of the Turtle Bay Association's forty-five years of working with and for the community. The Bob Rodriguez Trio provided a vibrant musical background for guests who caught up with old friends and made new ones; reminisced about the last anniversary party (our 30th year); stopped by the open bar; and partook of the buffet that included eye of round roast beef and a turkey carving board as well as a variety of pasta dishes.

The Association thanks the area merchants that donated door prizes: two gift certificates for free massages from Lia Schoor; a $50 gift certificate by Smith & Wollensky; and the grand prize of jewelry was given by a donor who wished to remain anonymous.

Special guests who helped us celebrate included U.S. Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, State Senator Liz Krueger, Jane Swanson (representing City Council Speaker Gifford Miller), the Honorable Andrew Eristoff, Buddy Radisch, president of Beekman Place Association; Mary Claire Burden, president of the Sutton Area Community; and George Brown, president of the Tudor City Association.

Congresswoman Maloney presented the Association with a plaque reflecting the declaration she had read into the October Congressional Record enumerating many of our accomplishments and honoring our organization "In Recognition of the Turtle Bay Association's 45th Anniversary." Bill Curtis, TBA President, also spoke.

Each guest was given a tote bag with a special design commemorating the event.


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