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Terrorism Awareness

TBA set up the meeting, Grey Advertising offered their facilities and the 17th Precinct provided the expertise on August 15 so that Turtle Bay residents could participate in the NYPD Terrorism Community Training Program. Deputy Inspector Michael McEnroy and Officer Jimmy Meury began with a slide presentation detailing how everyone can contribute to the city's efforts to spot potential terrorist movements and actions through increased awareness. To succeed, terrorists need three things: desire, ability and opportunity. We can only control opportunity.

Since local residents know their neighborhoods best, they are in the best position to spot things/people that might seem out of place or who are engaging in activities that seem inappropriate or not quite what they should be in a given circumstance. That is the time to call the Terrorism Hotline, 1-888-NYC-SAFE (1-888-692-7233), which will allow trained personnel to investigate suspicious circumstances and take appropriate action.

The presentation included sections on key civilian observation skills (good listening skills, don't get emotionally involved), myths about terrorists (all are male, they don't speak fluent English, all are religious fanatics), and terrorist indicators (they blend in, they like government targets).

In closing, Officer Meury strongly emphasized two things. First, remember that our shared goal is a reduction in crime through identification of criminal behavior, not individuals. Secondly, he reminded attendees that Turtle Bay residents should not take direct action when unusual behaviors are spotted. Call the hotline and let trained professionals take it from there. When reporting questionable situations, detail is critical, so observe carefully and provide as much information as possible.


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