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Ballot Referendum to Start Second Avenue Subway Build

Plans for the "full-build" Second Avenue subway from 125th Street to downtown Manhattan are finally in the works. The start comes Election Day (November 7th) when citizens of the entire state will get the opportunity to decide whether they approve issuing bonds to finance a $3.8 billion transportation bill that includes $1 billion to begin construction design of the first new subway line in New York City in nearly 50 years. If approved, it will be important encouragement to complete financing of the massive project by its originally scheduled date, 2010. It is expected that the estimated $8-10 billion needed will come from a package of federal, state and city funds with the possibility of an "earmarked" tax of one kind or another, special subway bonds, and some type of private industry participation.

Every elected official in Manhattan, regardless of political party, agrees with the need for a full-build line to take the pressure off the horribly overcrowded Lexington Avenue line. The full-build Second Avenue subway will also provide easily accessible subway service to parts of our borough that presently get none. The effect on easing vehicular traffic in Turtle Bay will be dramatic even if for no other reason than it would mean the MTA abandoning the ridiculous "NY Bus Lane" plan to close the curbside lane and one traffic lane on Second Avenue to all vehicles except buses.

If voters want a full-build Second Avenue subway they should look for and vote "Yes" on the bond issue when they go to the polls November 7th.


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