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Block Captain Report

John Wallowitch, block captain, 51st Street between First Avenue and the river, reports: "In spite of the invasion of demolition and construction crews on 51st Street this summer, it has been a season of relative quiet and charm reminiscent of my early days on Beekman Hill. There was a constant wave of 'Good Mornings', 'Good Afternoons', 'Pleases' and 'Thank you's'. All the tree plantings paid homage to the impatiens family, the colors becoming more subtle and delicious this year. By and large (even with the building in the area) there was a certain serenity which enveloped the summer of 2000 on 51st Street between First Avenue and Beekman Place, with all our canine friends exhibiting marvelous manners almost always matched by their owners and/or walkers. Bravo!"

Block Captain Bill Huxley reports that "the small mid-block park, next to UNICEF House, at 320 East 44th Street, has had a problem with homeless encampments since it was built back in the 1970's. Because it is open 24 hours a day, the space has become a home for the homeless. With the proposed nighttime closing, however, it is expected that the park will return to its original splendor."

Block Captain Helen Mohler, 49th Street between Lexington and Third Avenues, reports noise loud and constant from roof air conditioners on the two-story terrace roof between 48th and 49th Streets at the new Jewish center.

Block Captain Rita Rowan, 52nd Street between First Avenue and the river, reports: "Our gracious and quiet street remains as delightful as ever. The tree planters are blooming in fall colors, courtesy of the many newly planted mums."

There are now 29 people signed up in the Turtle Bay Association block captain program. There are, however, still some blocks that are orphans. If you live on one of these blocks, won't you sign up to be a block captain?

Forty-fourth: between Lexington & Third;
Forty-fifth: between Lexington & Third, Third & Second;
Forty-seventh: between Second & First;
Fiftieth: between Lexington & Third;
Fifty-second: between Third & Second;
Fifty-third: between Lexington & Third, Third & Second, and First & the river;
Lexington, Third, and First Avenues.

Block captains, among other things, contribute items of news about their blocks to the newsletter and help to spread the word about events in the neighborhood - such as our wonderful Greenmarket on Wednesdays in Dag Hammarskjold Plaza.


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