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Second Avenue Subway
What's the Scoop?

By Rennie C. Weber

The proposed Second Avenue subway would be the first major expansion of New York's rapid transit system since the 1940's, according to Lou Sepersky, president of Metro East and a board member of Community Board 6 (CB6). As guest speaker at the February 16th meeting of Turtle Bay Business Associates (TBBA), Lou provided details on the proposed subway line, which would run from the Bronx south into Manhattan and on to Brooklyn's Atlantic Avenue station where it would connect to the Long Island Railroad. Lou touched on how the subway could benefit Second Avenue merchants.

Aside from the subway, the main topic of discussion was how the Turtle Bay Association, through TBBA, could best work with the neighborhood's business owners, large and small. TBBA encourages business owners and merchants to work together in a common effort to keep our community secure, clean and thriving. After all, business is community; community is business.


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