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Elected Officials Respond To Trump Decision

U.S. Representative Carolyn B. Maloney: "As I said in testimony to the Board of Standards and Appeals last June, I believe strongly that this project violates existing zoning laws. By taking steps to amend zoning rules as a direct result of this project, the Giuliani administration has re-cognized that this tower is bad for New York. It's simply unthinkable that this building will be allowed to dominate this community.

N.Y. State Assemblymember John Ravitz: "I regret the court's decision and urge the community to continue to appeal. In the interim I will continue to chair the Trump Com-munity Advisory Committee, which meets on a monthly basis so that we can minimize any quality-of-life issues that the community is facing regarding this issue." (See Mark Your Calendar, p. 4)
City Councilmember Gifford Miller: "I am deeply disappointed with the court's ruling. I have maintained from the start that Trump's monstrosity violates the spirit, intent, and letter of the Zoning Resolution and I had hoped that the courts would have viewed it this way."

City Councilmember Eva Moskowitz: "I was saddened and deeply disappointed to learn of the court's ruling - the proposed building will cast an enormous shadow over the United Nations and the surrounding neighborhood."

Manhattan Borough President C. Virginia Fields: "The recent State Court of Appeals' ruling in favor of Donald Trump that will allow him to complete his building on First Avenue is an excellent illustration of why New York City must move immediately to approve the unified bulk policy put forth by City Planning Commission Chair Joe Rose. Establishment of a unified bulk policy will help protect our neighborhoods by preventing the proliferation of unwanted, monstrous, towering structures in the city."


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