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Of Note

According to Bill Huxley, cow spotting became the New York sport of the summer. He spotted 11 bedecked bovines in Turtle Bay, the most visible of which were possibly the two in Dag Hammarskjold Plaza.

Turtle Bay artist Jacques Zuccaire will be displaying a selection of his oil paintings at the Phyllis Lucas Gallery until September 15th. The exhibition of still lifes, nudes, and landscapes is called "Sensuous Realism and the Rebirth of Traditional Artistic Values."

Several telephone callers to the TBA office have expressed concern about the growing neighborhood rat population. The hotline telephone number for rat complaints is 1-800-RAT-1550. It is a good idea to call the Board of Health as well: 442-9666.

Block Captain Darryl Bradford reports new additions to his block on 52nd Street between Lexington and Third Avenues: Avondale, a rather select Irish deli/foodstore; Master Yap, Chinese restaurant; and two sandwich/snackbars - Sandbox, a popular spot at lunchtime, and Zam's, European-style.

An autumn outing is being planned by Barbara Connolly's Special Events Committee. Flyers with all the details will be mailed to TBA members.

Fran Hough writes from Arizona that although she's out of town, she is not out of touch. She says even though she resides out West her heart will always live at 318 East 53rd Street.

A new art gallery will open near Turtle Bay (Madison Avenue between 49th and 50th Streets) soon. The displays will be of automobile-related art from around the world. The gallery will be housed in a showroom called "Bentley Manhattan," a division of Manhattan Motor Cars. The company sells Rolls-Royces and Bentleys, which will also be on display.

Sheela Wolford has replaced Hildy Marshall as the Director of Communications at the Vanderbilt YMCA.

New TBA Member Discounts: 10% off from Luna Blu Restaurant, 246 East 44th Street, 681-6541; 15% off from Nations Cafe, 875 First Avenue, 980-8282; 10% off from KOK Dental, 349 East 52nd Street, 752-3056, and John R. Sobel, DDS, 461 East 50th Street, 753-4683. Ashton's Restaurant 205 East 50th Street, 688-8625 offers 10% off at dinner only. Cecil's Bistro, 304 East 42nd Street (corner Second Avenue) offers a 15% discount to members, exclusive of alcohol. Turtle Bay Business Associates new member, Richard P. Shapiro, of Personal Computer Training (420 East 51st Street, 755-5185) is offering 50% off the first appointment to members. Flower Drum Restaurant on Second Avenue no longer offers member discounts, as it has closed.

West Nile Virus Alert - Assemblymember John Ravitz' office is compiling a list of potential sites for mosquito nests. If you can identify any hazardous sites please contact his office at 861-9061 with specific locations.


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