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Quiet, Please!

Whatever happened to the quiet streets of Turtle Bay? Bars, bars, and more bars!

The Turtle Bay Association office has received many telephone calls from irate members whose sleep has been affected by the noise coming from the following bars: Bliss Bar and Lounge on East 49th Street (off Second Avenue), Martell's on Second Avenue (between 50th and 51st Street), Mica Bar on East 51st Street (between Second and Third Avenues), Town Crier on East 53rd Street (between First and Second Avenues), Opal on Second Avenue (corner of East 52nd Street), and Kate Kearney's on East 50th Street (between Second and Third Avenues).
The new store fronts with windows that open entirely onto the street have become a menace. The sound of music and the noisy voices of people leaving the premises penetrate throughout the blocks surrounding these bars.

The Turtle Bay Association is working with the 17th Precinct (826-3211) and urges residents to call the police when you hear undue noise. For immediate action, the Department of Environment Protection (DEP) can be telephoned at 718-337-4357. Residents must, however, call DEP the day before anticipated noise in order to receive their complaint number. (This is easy to predict as most of the noise occurs on Thursday and Friday nights.) Then, on the night of the noise, between the hours of six and seven , call a different number - 718-442-1886 - and speak to Mr. Paladino. Our City Councilmember assures us Mr. Paladino will be right on the spot.

Further complaints can be directed to Assemblyman John Ravitz, 861-9061, who will work with the State Liquor Authority. If there is a complaint about overcrowding in bars, the person to contact is Frank Lindsay at the Fire Department, 718-999-1551 (daytime).

In the meantime, we urge the bars mentioned above to be good neighbors and control the noise - keep your doors and windows shut.


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