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More Volunteer Activity

On June 20 the Turtle Bay Association held "Volunteers 2001", an event dedicated to increasing community awareness of the various committees included under the Association umbrella. The event offered many ways that those interested in preserving the quality of life and the future of Turtle Bay might become more involved in specific activities that would fit their interests and availability. All TBA committee members had their own areas where they provided information and answered questions about what their committee did and what volunteers could expect in working with them.

In our March issue we discussed the benefits of volunteering in general, and asked that those interested in volunteering as writers and/or photographers for the Newsletter attend a meeting on April 30. We are pleased to report that we had a half dozen people turn out who are anxious to contribute to our community via the Newsletter. More importantly, they brought a lot of good new ideas and suggestions about how we might interest and serve our readers in coming issues. Look for new bylines starting with our September issue.


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