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Tribute to Anya, a Volunteer to Remember

Anya Sonders was taken from us on May 7, 2001 at Lenox Hill Hospital. Besides being a good friend, Anya was also an extraordinary volunteer for the Turtle Bay Association. The neighborhood, as well as those who knew her personally, will feel the loss of this tireless worker and gentle, giving soul.

I only knew Anya for a few years, and during those years I don't believe she was well a single day. But she never, never complained. She volunteered in so many ways: in the TBA office, on the membership, special events, news-letter and parks committees. She helped whenever she could and never gave less than l00%. Many businesses in the community became TBA members thanks to her hard work and winning personality. Always one to keep up with the times, she worked tirelessly on our website as well. She was a kind, considerate, generous woman. Anyone who was lucky enough to know her was lucky indeed. Farewell, dear friend.


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