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Neighborhood Watch: Sex Offender Sent Packing

As New Yorkers, most of us guard our own right to privacy rather jealously and prefer not to pry into our neighbor's lives. However, there are times when safety must come first.

Several articles by Rod Dreher in the NY Post in May detailed the experiences that residents at Embassy House, 301 E. 47th Street, had with one of their neighbors, a recently paroled sex offender convicted 14 years ago of assaults on several girls aged 5-7. In addition to being home to many small children, this apartment building is located directly across from Dag Hammarskjold Plaza Park, where numerous children play.

When the police notified the TBA, we immediately notified the Community. The residents of the Embassy House went right to work. Result: the parolee moved out very quickly. If you would like more detailed data on this topic, the website maintained by the New York City Sex Offender Registry can help ( This site maintains information about convicted sex offenders considered by the state to be at "high risk" of committing similar crimes again.


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