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Election Year Crusade for Parks 2001

With an election year looming, Friends of Dag Hammarskjold Plaza is joining in the Citywide Crusade for Parks 2001 which is mounting a non-partisan effort to get the City to increase its spending for parks. Currently, the city spends less than half of 1% of the annual budget on maintenance and operations of the 28,000 acres of parkland located in the five boroughs. Although parks occupy 14% of our city, New York ranks 21st in the nation in per capita spending on city parks. The restoration of Central and Bryant Parks have been remarkable, but today 85% of Central Park's budget comes from private donations. Bryant Park benefits from being in a Business Improvement District that allocates millions of dollars to its upkeep. Meanwhile, the majority of NYC parks totter on the brink of crisis, increasingly dependent upon the good will of community groups. Take a look at the statistics for Manhattan parks and you'll get a real picture of the plight of our parks. Fifteen years of budget cuts have resulted in a 70% reduction in park staff, leaving a gap that is beyond the scope of volunteer organizations to fill.

Manhattan Parks at a Glance
Department of Parks & Recreation (Manhattan Only)

In Manhattan there are only: Which equals:
9 Gardeners 1 per 259 acres of parkland
149 City Park Worker 1 per 15.6 acres of parkland
10 Recreation Directors 1 per 25,695 children
73 Park Enforcement Patrol 1 officer per 32 acres of parkland
And there are only: To take care of:
4 Plumbers 326 bathrooms and 596 drinking fountains
4 Tree Pruners 45,793 street trees and hundreds of
thousands of park trees

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