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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, Gain or Pain?

Editor's Note: As several articles in this issue point out, it is difficult to balance the rights and needs of individual residents with that of the community as a whole. Not every problem has a solution that will satisfy every resident, but everyone has a right to be heard. The TBA investigates complaints when needed, and works with all residents to achieve satisfactory solutions when possible. Undoubtedly some others in Turtle Bay feel as Ms. Stern does. Following are a few excerpts from her June 1 letter to the TBA and various public figures in the city.

"I call your attention to a matter that is of great concern to New Yorkers that live on or have windows that face Dag Hammarskjold Plaza. The Plaza {is now} an incredibly beautiful state-of-the-art boulevard . . . complete with plants, flowers.... and benches. It has given groups a place to assemble, stroll, protest or gather together, which is in itself very positive.

"Unfortunately, this gain for some . . . has created pain and distress for those of us in the surrounding community. [Problems] include groups of dog walkers meeting early in the morning and at night . . .allowing their dogs to bark loudly, often unleashed. Skateboarders jump off concrete ledges (see Park article, page 4 Ed.), and young lovers [are often very vocal]. Most injurious are the never-ending protests, rallies, concerts and marches.

"Regrettably, our collection of Turtle Bay residents, who are a microcosm of every other neighborhood in New York [have lost] our voice and the entitlement to the peaceful possession of our apartments.
"In closing, we need your assistance in bringing us relief by creating a cap on the noise level on the Plaza. A police presence during the early morning and late hours . . .would [also] be a good beginning."

Pamela Bomser Stern


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