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Volunteers Party
By Rennie C. Weber

"If every neighborhood had a group as articulate, organized and loyal as the Turtle Bay Association, the city would be better off," Henry Stern, Commissioner of NYC Parks, said at the annual Turtle Bay Volunteer Party given on Saturday afternoon, January 9, at the Metropolitan Cafe on First Avenue.

What is it that makes so many bright, capable people volunteer to serve on committees for Turtle Bay? We decided to find out by questioning a few party attendees.

Lily Morris is a very active member of TBA's Environment Committee. Whenever a group sets out to do things that beautify the neighborhood, Lily is there. "After all,"she said, "whatever affects it, affects us."

Leah Gadlow is a member of the Newsletter Committee. Her articles on historical happenings in Turtle Bay have added color and depth to the publication. She tells us she joined TBA because she f eels the neighborhood does a lot for her and she wants to do something for it.

Morris Tarragano, a long- time Turtle Bay resident and member of TBA's Special Events Committee, has seen many changes taking place in the area. Why is Morris such a committed volunteer? "I'm involved with so many things going on in the city," Morris told us. "It's only natural that I be active with my neighborhood association."

Ruth Lieberman is a new volunteer who helps out in the office. She said she became interested in TBA when she learned how the organization was working to block Donald Trump's 90-story tower. "This is a wonderful neighborhood. I want it to stay that way."

Millie Margiotta, a TBA vice president, joined the association in 1980. There's scarcely anything going on at TBA that Millie doesn't have a hand in. Why such commitment, we asked her. "I love this neighborhood. And I have a strong desire to right any wrongs."

Terri Heveran, who serves on the Newsletter Committee, perhaps summed it up best with her comment:"When I moved back into the city, I expected it to be, you know, like a city, but living in Turtle Bay, I get a real sense of community and belonging to a great neighborhood. It's worth the effort."


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