OFFICE – Responsible for all association files, banking matters,  purchase of office supplies and equipment, membership mailings.

SPECIAL EVENTS – Responsible for planning and organizing annual events for the purposes of fund raising and charitable, educational and informative events that are of interest to our members

SAFETY – Maintain a liaison with the 17th Precinct,  the Neighborhood Coordination Officers (NCO) and the Fire Department.  Attends and reports on the 17th Precinct Community Council meetings.

COMMUNICATIONS – Responsible for overseeing the publication of the TBA Newsletter, maintain the TBA web site and all social media such as Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

MEMBERSHIP – Responsible for recruiting new individual and business members. Maintain membership records

ZONING – Responsible for monitoring matters of land use, zoning, landmarks and transportation.   Acts as a liaison with city agencies and with CB 6 land use committee.

PARKS/TREES – Responsible for overseeing and/or planning, maintenance, renovation and activities of all Turtle Bay parks, playgrounds and open spaces.   Supports the work of other park groups i.e. Friends of Dag Hammarskjold Plaza,  MacArthur Playground, 1000 People in Parks, Friends of Peter Detmold.   Liaison with the Turtle Bay Tree Fund to work to restore trees and tree beds.

ENVIRONMENT – Responsible for maintaining communication with environment city service agencies and 311.  Liaison voice of Turtle Bay regarding complaints and violations.