Our Community Advocacy

community advocacy

Our Community Advocacy

In 1957, the City proposed a plan to widen East 49th Street to make it a Cross-town Express Street—which would in turn eliminate all the trees lining that shady street in Turtle Bay. A group of concerned neighbors was formed to block the plan—which it eventually did; but it wasn’t long before these same neighbors realized that urban developments and construction in the surrounding area of Turtle Bay meant they had to have a stronger voice in protecting the quality of life of its residents—and the Turtle Bay Association (TBA) was formed.

For over 60 years, TBA has worked with the City and State, our elected officials, and the Community Boards to lessen the impact of new construction, and other urban projects in the area. We have worked to help establish guidelines regarding zoning, transportation, and public safety; and most importantly we have worked to develop our parks and public spaces.

We have developed strong relationships with other institutions, and places of historic value in the area, and have been successful in supporting designation of some of them as NYC Landmarks as well.

Finally, as part of the Association’s community advocacy, the TBA gives grants on an annual basis to other civic organizations that share our commitment to preserve the quality of life in our neighborhood.

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