Dan Garodnick is Leaving Office. What Next?

Dan Garodnick

As term limits decree, Councilman Daniel R. Garodnick will soon leave office. Having had his support over the course of three terms, the Turtle Bay Association’s board and the residents of Turtle Bay are sorry to see him go and wonder about his future plans.

Dan’s leadership has helped steer actions and decisions affecting many core issues, including health, safety and ethics. He recently introduced or helped enact laws promoting safety at construction sites, disclosure by landlords of a building’s energy efficiency to potential buyers and renters, and reporting and oversight of NYPD surveillance technologies. The large, green trash cans, with the TBA logo, that now sit at corners in the neighborhood embody his commitment to our community; a grant from Dan made them possible.

Perhaps his most far-reaching achievement has been his role as prime sponsor of the East Midtown Rezoning, recently passed by the City Council. It is the result of complex negotiations and compromises among politicians, developers, religious institutions and civic groups, on a tangle of issues, such as landmarks, the price of air rights and improvement of the Lexington Avenue subway’s aging infrastructure.

The TBA itself was among the many interested parties. We protested part of the rezoning, which allowed development of tall commercial buildings along the east side of Third Avenue. This would enable office towers to encroach farther on residential areas, and block sunlight from the streets. Dan heard us and carved out the section between 46th and 51st streets from the rezoning. His willingness to work extra-hard for his constituents has been a hallmark of his term in office, and will make a lasting difference to Turtle Bay.

As for what’s next, Dan says, “As a life-long New Yorker, it has been an honor to represent Turtle Bay in the City Council over the past 12 years. But I’m not going far – I plan to stay involved and engaged, and stand ready to support my neighbors now and in the future.”

On November 7, citizens of District 4 will vote on Dan Garodnick’s successor. We look forward to building a relationship with our new council member, and also to watching Dan as he continues his extraordinary leadership in whatever he chooses to do next. The Turtle Bay Association wishes him all the best of luck.

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