Turtle Bay recruiting

The Turtle Bay Association is made up of residents, business people, and property owners who live and/or work in Turtle Bay. With a membership of almost 2000 New Yorkers, we’re a growing group of dedicated volunteers actively working to preserve our history, enhance our quality of life and help our members deal with the issues and demands of everyday urban living in the 21st century.

The Turtle Bay Association’s mission is to:

  • Enhance the sense of well-being and improve the quality of life in our neighborhood by maintaining the best in urban standards while preserving the innate charm of Turtle Bay.
  • Promote a clean, safe and well maintained neighborhood.
  • Represent those who live and work in the Turtle Bay neighborhood at community meetings, or meetings with the city and state, on issues that concern our common interests.
  • Regularly communicate news affecting our neighborhood to our membership.
  • Keep appointed and elected officials representing the Turtle Bay area informed and updated about our position on community matters.
  • Engage in any and all activities consistent with nurturing a strong and growing neighborhood organization.

Recent Achievements

  • Worked with our City Councilmember to revise the East Midtown Rezoning to prevent out-of-scale buildings along east Third Avenue, between 46th and 51st Streets.
  • Supported the passage of a new law that changed the Commercial Rent Tax to help small businesses succeed.
  • Placed large, new trash cans on corners to prevent litter.

What We’re Doing Now

  • Fighting to redesign and relocate part of the planned East River Greenway to preserve a park and the character of the neighborhood.
  • Collaborating with other neighborhood groups to prevent super-tall construction that blocks the sun and sky.
  • Supporting public and neighborhood resources: Grand Central Library, Vanderbilt Y Scholarship Fund, Single Parent Resource Center, Inc. and God’s Love We Deliver.
  • Sponsoring annual community events that bring neighbors together, including the Love Thy Neighborhood Valentine Party; Katharine Hepburn Garden Party; TBA Street Fair and Holiday Toy Drive.
  • Working with elected representatives, Community Board 6 and other citizen groups on public issues that affect our neighborhood.

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