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TBA Protests Design of Pedestrian Walkway at East 54th Street, Part of Plans for East River Esplanade

Manhattan Greenway Map

The Manhattan Waterfront Greenway embraces the island in an almost continuous path that runs from West 118th Street in Inwood, south along the Hudson, around the Battery, and north along the East River. The Greenway affords New Yorkers the pleasures of water views while walking, jogging, biking or just relaxing.

A gap in the Greenway lies along the East River between 38th and 61st streets. Called the “East River Esplanade” or “East River Greenway,” it is scheduled for construction in 2019 and the city has committed $100 million to its completion.

Plans include a pedestrian walkway, or bridge, over the northern part of Clara Coffey Park at 54th Street and York Avenue. The TBA has protested the bridge’s design and location, and provided an alternative solution.

Rep. Carolyn Maloney, Community Board 6 and Sutton Area Community have protested the bridge’s proposed location as a hindrance to the park. In a letter to the New York City Economic Development Corporation, Maloney called on the NYCEDC to relocate the bridge to East 53rd Street, and to include the community in further planning.

The TBA will provide news on our website, in e-bulletins, and in future issues of the Turtle Bay News as this story continues to unfold.


Thursday, December 21, 2017

TBA:  The Greenway Bridge
Two Bridges:  One Much Too Far, The Other Just Right!

One span pursues a tortuous, serpentine route from East 54th Street, looping skyward, destroying the Sutton Place Park in its haste to plunge back to earth at the FDR Drive in a double zig-zag. Gone is the privacy of those who live here. There has to be a better solution.

Another span, however, adopts a common-sense path. It starts inboard at 53rd Street, not 54th, taking a straight line thence to the FDR Drive, which it bridges directly. At the outboard side of FDR Drive, it follows the Drive, serving both it and the Esplanade. Here is the ideal solution. The park is spared. Privacy is assured.

The Turtle Bay Association thereby supports the second design. It is simpler and does the job for which it was intended.

Bruce Silberblatt
Chair, Zoning & Land Use Committee
The Turtle Bay Association

This resolution was emailed to Council Member Ben Kallos, Manhattan 5th District and Dan Garodnick, (former) Council Member, Manhattan 4th District. Copies sent to NYC Economic Development Corporation; NYC Council; Manhattan Community Board 6; Manhattan Community Board 8; Cannon Point/45 Sutton Place South, Sutton Area Community.

Turtle Bay Association: East Midtown ReZoning Statement

East Midtown Rezoning 2017

• WHEREAS a portion of the East Midtown ReZoning district extends to the East Side of Third Avenue to a depth of 160 to 200 feet;
• WHEREAS this portion reaches from East 47th to East 52nd street, the area generally knows as residential Turtle Bay;
• WHEREAS the current zoning for this part of Third Avenue is FAR 15 with a building height of 400 feet;
• WHEREAS under the East Midtown ReZoning the FAR would rise to 18, and in some cases, FAR 21.5 or FAR 23.0, and the permitted building height to 800 to 1200 feet;
• WHEREAS existing commercial in this area is class B;
• WHEREAS the new zoning would overwhelm the low-rise century old houses of Turtle Bay with out-of-scale towers, shadows, noise and traffic, adversely affecting Greenacre Park (east 51st Street) and the landmark Turtle Bay Gardens (East 48th & 49th Streets);
NOW, THEREFORE, the TURTLE BAY ASSOCIATION (TBA) urges the following conditions regarding the ReZoning:
1. The zoning of the commercial area (47th-52nd streets) on the East Side of Third Avenue shall be limited to FAR 15.0.
2. No building shall rise above the existing building heights.
3. No floor areas shall be moved from existing or future buildings constructed elsewhere.(this includes landmark transfers allowed by the ReZoning).
4. The prevailing mid-block R8B zoning shall be left intact.

Bruce Silberblatt
Zoning and Land Use Chair
JUNE 23, 2017